Bali Activities

Bali activities tour is a bali adventure tour package. the activities such as bali horse riding, white water rafting, bali camel safari, bali safari and marine park and the other activity for your holiday in bali.

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Bali Horse Riding
Bali Horse Riding
Bali Horse Riding is one of the most popular Bali Activities provides the exciting horse riding adventures by the best selection of tame and healthy horses to explore the beautiful beach with see breeze blowing and covers the coastal area.After arriving...( >>> Read More <<< )

Bali Paraglading
Bali Paragliding

Paragliding tandem tours in Bali with local paragliding pilot. Fly as a passenger, exploring the beauty of Bali's southern cliff ridge and hidden coast facing to the Hindian ocean...( >>> Read More <<< )

Bali Cycling
bali cycling
Bali Cycling offer a truly unique and authentic bicycle trip by combining sightseeing, coffee plantation tour and cultural insight with cycling activities through the unspoiled breathtaking countryside...( >>> Read More <<< )

Bali Cruise
bali cruise
Bali Cruise is one of the most famous Bali Activities providing many selections of day cruise activities during your holiday in the paradise island of Bali. There are a variety of Balinese day and evening cruises to choose from including extravagant powerboats...( >>> Read More <<< )

Bali Camel Safari
bali camel safari
Hearing the word camel then we will remember the animals commonly used as a means of transportation in the Desert Sand. saudi arabia is a place famous for its camel which is used as a means of transportation...( >>> Read More <<< )

Kemenuh Butterfly Park
kemenuh butterfly park
Kemenuh Butterfly Park one of place for conservation, education and attraction. there are also have a spectacular rice field and wonderful tropical environment. The park, as the habitat of the adult butterflies (imago) is designed in such way based on the insects need...( >>> Read More <<< )
Bali Safari and Marine Park
bali safari and marine park
Bali Safari Marine Park is the largest and most complete Animal Zoo in Bali Island.You can see various species of rare animals originating from domestic as well as abroad such as from India, Europe and Africa...( >>> Read More <<< )

Bali Zoo Park
bali zoo park
Bali Zoo Park is one of the most popular zoo attractions by tourists who come with family and students to get to know various types of animals more closely...( >>> Read More <<< )

Bali Spa
bali spa
Bali Spa Package that we offer is a true pleasure experience of Balinese Holistic Care, the comfort of a Balinese-style spa room combined with an exotic open tropical garden Massage releases tension...( >>> Read More <<< )

Bali Watersport
bali watersport
Bali watersport is an activity that offers a variety of marine activities. we offer very challenging water games to complement your holiday adventure in Bali...( >>> Read More <<< )

White Water Rafting
white water rafting
Bali White water Rafting is One of the most popular rides in Bali. Many domestic and foreign tourists are fond of this one adventure. We provide 2 spot rafting in Bali, there areTelaga Waja river and Ayung river...( >>> Read More <<< )

Bali ATV Ride
bali atv ride
Bali ATV Ride is one of the best Bali Activities of riding a powerful semi automatic 250 cc. The trek will be through the rice terrace, plantation, bamboo forest, jungle, river, villages and spectacular panorama...( >>> Read More <<< )

BAli Bird Park
bali bird park
Bali Bird Park is one of educational attraction fit for the whole family. Here all the birds are kept as they live in their own habitat...( >>> Read More <<< )
Bali Elephant Riding
bali elephant riding
Bali Elephant riding tour is  Tour package by give you the opportunity to riding an elephant into the jungle, village and rice terrace in Bali...( >>> Read More <<< )

Bali Odyssey Submarine
bali odyssey submarine
Odyssey Submarine is the only tourist submarine operator in Indonesia. Once the private realm of divers and marine biologists...( >>> Read More <<< )

Bali River tubing
Bali River Tubing

Bali River Tubing is a new adventure tour activity located in Ubud we will provide you to Pakerisan river and by permitting you float your own tube...( >>> Read More <<< )

One Day Lembongan Tour
one day nusa lembongan tour
Nusa Lembongan is one of the three neighboring islands of Bali, about 12 miles from southeast Bali. The other two islands are Nusa Ceningan...( >>> Read More <<< )

One Day Nusa Penida Tour
Nusa Penida is one of the largest islands among the three islands behind Bali. Nusa Penida is one of the favorite domestic and foreign tourist destinations...( >>> Read More <<< )

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